IF kids understand the concept, THEN they can transfer it between what they were taught and other areas of their lives.

An excerpt from a parent email:

My daughter mentioned that she was sad that she didn’t have any grandparents anymore, but that she was glad one of her grandfathers fought in WWII.  I reminded her that both of her grandfathers fought in the war, and that both were in the Navy.  One fought in the Atlantic and one in the Pacific.  She then said “Just like equivalent fractions. Different, but the same.”  That must have been one engrossing math lesson!


IF the teacher after you cancels her time in the computer lab, and yours are working on their wikis, THEN they will gladly use that extra time, totally self directed.

I realized this weekend that there is a significant difference in how my kids interact with me on wiki-mail from home.

IF they are members of a school minority membership group, THEN they typically ask me “how to” questions–how to add links, how to embed, etc..

IF they are not, THEN they tend to ask me questions about our work–what’s coming up, what to expect, when the next test will be, etc.

In recognizing that this weekend, I realized I need to  fuel their “what next?”, “what if?”, “so what?” questions as well.